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I was raised in a little town south of Dallas. When I was fifteen God called me to the ministry. I was licensed as a minister by my church when I started college. I attended Dallas Baptist College starting in 1975. When I started college I started writing a book that would form the basis for The Darkened Land many years later. I married the love of my life in 1978. After we were married, I found it difficult to impossible to finish a course at college. So my college career ended.

The next years saw three beautiful children added to our family. My first, my daughter, was named after the heroine of my unfinished book. My two boys were born two and four years later. About 1995 I began writing again. That is when The Darkened Land began. My first book, from my college days, had been an allegory similar to Pilgrim’s Progress, but the names were Greek words that gave the allegory its meaning while allowing the book to be just a fun story for those who did not want to delve deeper. The Darkened Land utilizes the same format, but takes the names from many languages. Many like Aidan are actual names. Over the next couple of years the book grew to 30,000 words, before events brought my progress to a halt.

With the kids going off to college and work difficult to find, I went back to school. Dallas Baptist College had become Dallas Baptist University in the intervening years. I worked at the University as a computer tech. Then in 2004, I was disabled and no longer able to work though I continued classes. I graduated in 2010. In the meantime our first grandchildren had arrived and we moved to be close to them.

After a false start in 2018, the second edition of The Darkened Land was published in 2019. It was then that I began the second in this series of eight books. It is entitled The Basaners and the Man Who Would Not Die although the title on the cover is simply The Basaners. It is in the editing process and I hope to have it on the market in the summer of this year.

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