The Basaners

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The Basaners

and the Man Who Would Not Die

Lachlaniel leaves his beloved fiancée and friends behind to carry out a mission for the King in the land of The Basaners. But he has picked up a new traveling companion without knowing it. The Chuchoteur, the whisperer, is an evil spirit that whispers thoughts. Now sometimes the thoughts are not Lachlaniel’s. He is veering from the King’s chosen path. As destruction rips his life apart, he stands alone and truly blind in battle with the Basaners.

The Basaners are not creatures of darkness. They are men. They hate the light and the people, called Ebenchaim. Serving the King in their land can be costly, for they will do anything to extinguish the light and the Ebenchaim. Even torture and kill.

Aurora, Lachlaniel’s fiancée, has a new friend, Andre of Felansville. Charming, gallant, witty, and a saboteur, Andre has been sent to sow discord and destruction in Agapay, but his purpose has changed to include Aurora. He uses beguiling words and deeds in pursuit of her.

Will the blind Lachlaniel be caught by the Basaners? Will they kill a blind man? Will Aurora succumb to Andre’s charms?


I enjoyed reading this second installment of The Seven Towers series. The Basaners had multiple layers of meaning. The storyline had action, adventure, mystery, and a touch of romance. I experienced moments of suspicion, rushes of adrenalin, tears, and even moments where I could smell the odors in the air. The book is dedicated to the persecuted church and it is an appropriate dedication as the needs of the persecuted church are well-represented. “The Basaners” also contains a component of personal struggle and conviction in Lachlaniel’s journey. Lachlaniel’s struggle with pride hit very close to home. It was a great read and had me on the edge of my seat several times. There was even an unexpected surprise at the end. Some books are a read-once and others are great for reading again. I expect to read this one again in the future.

‘Tis His Fire

 ‘Tis His fire that melteth thee.
 For thou must learn what not to be
 Fired silver doth shine so bright 
 For no dross doth block its light 
 As with it so thou must be
 ‘Tis His fire that melteth thee.
 May’t be Thy fire melteth me 
 Filled with wrong I must not be
 Thou must burn away my night
 Leaving only Thy true light
 For  like Thou I long to be
 May’t be Thy fire melteth me 
 Thou like I wilt surely be
 For ‘tis My fire refineth thee
 No dross shall escape My sight
 Thou wilt be forever bright
 O so pure thou wilt be
 For ‘tis My fire refineth thee
 Conformed to My likeness be
 That thou shalt abide with Me
 Truly thou must evil fight
 Standing by My holy might
 So others in thou wilt see
 How thou dost abide with Me 


What makes a hero? It isn’t strength or courage, wisdom or power. Heroes are not paragons. They are people. Heroes aren’t made in the moment of crisis. They are made in the fires of adversity that strips them of everything they think they are. Humility makes heroes. No one rises to true greatness without being stripped of everything they think makes them strong. The fires that strip away pride and leave only a molten pool of personality reduce a person to his essence. Then when all strength is gone and the hero to be knows how small and frail he is, that is when he begins to rise, for that is when he not only sees the needs of others but when he begins to feel compassion for them. The King uses such circumstances to forge His greatest weapons – people who rely wholly on Him.

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