The Wonders of Building a Website

Or wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to afford a pro?

Well, I’ve been at this a week in sickness and in health, and I’ve learned a bit. The first thing I learned is the same as I learned when I published my first edition of The Darkened Land – spend the money. Thus I moved to WordPress to have better tools for building a site. But there is only so much in the way of available funds, so while I would like a pro to help, it just isn’t in the budget. So here I am learning the hard way.

First, there are themes. That should be a no brainer, right? Well then why do they look like layouts? What’s the difference? Ah, themes give a design for the overall site with it’s various pages, while layouts do the same thing for pages, I think. Then there are blocks. Am I confusing anyone yet?

After half a week, I finally got to my purpose for switching to WordPress – I wanted to have a store to sell books and related items. But two days of legalese later I decided maybe there was a better way than their way. Enter Square a services provider that will let you build a store. I was prepared to pay for the privilege, but low and be-hold, they’ll let you have one for free. Of course they get a piece of the action, a little from each sale but that was expected.

Now I have my site and my store (one item for now) and while not finished, I like it. Then I was told I should blog. Blog? What’s a blog? How do blog? Sounds a lot like bog (something I wouldn’t set foot in). So here I am blogging down. Sinking in the mire. I’m not even sinking right (I was also told I should introduce myself in my first blog). Learning, learning. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I turn 64 next week.

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  1. The Lord be with you.

    Good job, Larry. Oh, and Happy Birthday.

    I am having the same experiences as you, and learning on the fly. I find when I lie down at night, my mind writes. After several versions of the same paragraph, I ask The Lord, “Show me what You want me to write,” and I go to sleep.

    Sure, we could hire a pro, but where is the fun in that? When we are done, we can exhale, wipe our brows, and say, “The Lord and I did this. Thank You, Lord.” Then we switch hats and help another indie author by imparting what took us hours, weeks, and months, even years, to learn.

    Blessings, Peace, and Joy
    Joyce Crawford, THE WAREHOUSE


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